Zlatan mocks Ronaldo in GQ Italia interview

The Swedish icon hit out at Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo in an interview with GQ Italia, mocking the idea that going to Serie A was a “challenge” for the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

“He signed for a team that won Serie A seven times in a row,” Ibrahimovic said of Ronaldo’s move to Italy in 2018 (translated by AS). “Going to a club like that is not a challenge. If I really wanted a challenge, I should have gone to Juve when they were in Serie B to get it to Serie A and take it back to the top.”

Ibrahimovic spent seven seasons in Italy with Juve, Inter and Milan.

The 38-year-old Ibrahimovic also suggested that the 34-year-old Ronaldo’s talents weren’t inherent.

“He is not a natural talent, but the result of his work,” the Malmo native said.

A free agent after a two-year stint with the LA Galaxy, Ibrahimovic strongly hinted that a return to Italy was in the cards.

“I will go to a team that needs to start winning again, that needs to renew it’s history,” Ibrahimovic said. “I’ll see you soon in Italy.”

While Ibrahimovic has been tipped to a return to Milan, he’s also been courted by Napoli and Bologna in recent weeks.

As for facing Ronaldo back in Serie A, Ibrahimovic says it’s impossible – the real Ronaldo – the legendary Inter and Real Madrid star – is retired.

“Will I find the real Ronaldo in Italy?” Ibrahimovic said. “None of it! There is only one Ronaldo, the Brazilian one.”

Reports via TSN